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It is a proven fact that property styling adds great value to your marketing campaign when selling your property and therefore attracts more potential buyers. A staged home with furniture and decor stands out from the rest. It gives the spaces in the property great appeal to the buyer’s lifestyle and captures their heart before the sale. 90% of buyers now decide which houses to view based on photographs on websites and advertising. Therefore a styled home makes your property look very appealing to prospective buyers making them much more likely to inspect your property physically.

Property styling services

BT Design Studio offers property styling services that will help style your home in a way that lets the buyer envisage living in their new home.




A vacant home without furniture or decor is always going to appear cold and lifeless no matter how beautiful the features are or how good the quality of the finish is. If you have an empty property on your hands, you’ll want to breathe some life into it and raise its perceived value. Buyers often struggle to see how to use the empty spaces without furnishings in the rooms.

By staging your property, BT Design Studio can create a perceived lifestyle and a sense of atmosphere within the home.

In-home consultation required. Pricing varies by home size and amount of staging required.

Occupied home staging is a special art that requires knowledge of buyer behavior and interior design. A home that is occupied often has furnishings and decor that is special to the owner but may not appeal to potential buyers so we carefully work to stage the property for your target market. Our initial consultation takes into account the existing furniture you have and we then devise a plan how to use these in combination with our furnishings and decor to create the desired look for your property.

In-home consultation required. Pricing varies by home size and amount of staging required.

At BT Design Studio we strive to make our client’s home stand out from the crowd in the sea of MLS-multiple listing service.

We approach your home with buyer’s eyes during a walk-through of your property. You’ll receive our expert recommendations and a prioritized action plan for minimizing any negatives and accentuating the features home buyers value most.

The consultation takes about 1 hour and the cost is $300 if the property is located in Orange County.